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In a flash, blood troops rushed up, soon about the inside of the fight. After more than ten minutes later, the second floor in addition to the two fled on the third floor, the others are all alive. Coach outlet at this time only and Liu Huagang goes to the upstairs. At this point in the third floor of the seven men, a youth and even a legendary old man, by imposing manner, through the heap of dozens of blood hall's elite, in the corner of the hall containment can be seen from their panic expression on her face, how terror and fear in my heart.

It's you. Coach outlet just a into came in, a screaming suddenly sounded and I saw in the school during the day became a pig leading man covered in blood at this time, scarred. Coach outlet ha ha a smile, what, is very strange! You don't know what the sacred career security in Hong Kong is a special! What's more, I also have the security guard captain title. What do you really want. Leading man blanched, anger and worry, at this time the oldest inside 60 years old man out of the station.

We have no rancor with you, even if AHu what's wrong place during the day have sinned against you, you also not driven! Does not fear cause us mainland major forces crazy revenge. Your family may have old memory is not good, but here in Hong Kong, tuen mun, only righteousness door of honour. I know you want to kidnap a recently called Wang Xue beauty college students, from her rope to a secret right!!!! Coach outlet coldly smile, the words sound just fell and the old man immediately. How do you know it all, now only continental power know! Don't you know that the so-called secret, want to... .

Coach outlet suddenly eyes a cold and endless kill meaning with a strong momentum, what do you want for adverse, she is my Coach outlet of woman, how can you say me as a man sit, how can have no rancor is called. What the old man didn't continue to speak, like know not good today, Coach outlet will not let them leave. In an instant the eyes off big put, at least one party to break away, behind a few people are not far behind. Coach outlet watching this group of people, in a panic to promote, with cold sweat young man caught his attention. This person in a survival situation there is no chance to escape, not like other people give my life to a face of strong, not afraid of expression. Is clearly a heart is not strong, the ACTS of death. With a sneer, Coach outlet online leaping rapidly, hands like electricity will be young man off to the front. Young man surprised and frightened eyes, but I did not forget, legs repeatedly kicked several way leg shadow. Coach outlet is want to try SAN how the power of the second floor, in a flash light shine on the right palm, became a tan, brush the break down leg shadow seize one feet, surging strength surge out immediately. Clicked his heels together, a young man in an instant pale, reveals the great pain, after all fell to the ground, but have been unable to stand up again, at just the right palm of bronze thoroughly smash the leg bone.

Ah. At this time, as the legendary old man a gunfire unwilling of bellow, officially ending the battle, their lost less than 10 people, however, and nearly half the ten were killed in the old man's hands, it seems the skill is really great.

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